Michigan Mold Remediation

Quick Mold Remediation from IICRC-Certified Experts!

Michigan Mold Remediation Services: 1-hour Response Time | Dry-Mark - mold1Prevent Illness and Protect Your Family with Early Identification and Removal of Mold!

If you suspect mold growth in your home or smell a musty odor, call the experts at Dry-Mark of Michigan. We will test and evaluate the air quality in your home, determine the source of the mold, and provide you with an estimate for our recommended resolution for safe removal, remediation, and repair.

We know you don’t want to expose your family to hazardous mold spores, and neither do we. As IICRC-certified mold experts, we follow a very specific guideline set by the CDC to ensure the safety of you and your family with proper mold clean up and restoration techniques. We start by containing the area to avoid the spread of spores throughout your home. Depending upon the severity of your mold issue, it may not be enough to simply kill the spores. In some cases, we need to carefully remove and contain insulation and drywall to completely eradicate the mold. If that is the case, we have professionals on staff to restore your home after the remediation is complete.

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Mold is a Water Problem, Not a Cleanliness Problem

Michigan Mold Remediation Services: 1-hour Response Time | Dry-Mark - pipesMold and mold spores linger in the air until they come in contact with water. Once it multiplies, you can have a serious problem on your hands. Mold can enter your home after a storm through leaky appliances, a pipe burst, and other tragedies. No matter how your home becomes damaged, mold can be an unavoidable issue that must be taken care of by a professional before it becomes a health concern.

If your home has experienced a disaster such as a basement flood, sewage backup, pipe burst, appliance failure, fire, or storm damage, you will need a professional team to quickly extract the water, thoroughly dry the area, and clean up any sewage all before mold has a chance to move in. We will work with you until your home is up-to-code and you are satisfied with our work. Our goal is to reduce your stress and get your home back in order quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Musty Smells Are the First Signs of a Mold Problem

Water damage could go undetected for months. You may not see it, but most people can smell it. “Basement smell” is common in Michigan. Rather than just accepting it, you need to take measures to dry the air before mold has a chance to set in. At minimum, a dehumidifier will help reduce the moisture in your basement. Be sure to inspect the cinder blocks and corners for signs of moisture. Some signs include damp walls or powdery crust on the surface of the block.

If you notice humidity in your cupboards or crawl space, have us inspect them for leaky pipes or roof leaks. When it comes to water leakage in your home, timing is of the essence and it’s important to call the experts to avoid even bigger problems. At Dry Mark of Michigan, we will work to assess the damage and quickly determine what has been affected and what has not. We will perform water remediation services to remove all water and moisture from the home, making it safe and sanitary to reside in once again.

We Work with All Insurance Companies!

As a trusted restoration company, we have contacts within all insurance companies, so you can rest assured that you will get the maximum benefit out of your claim. We serve the Detroit Metropolitan and the surrounding Michigan areas, including Allen Park, Auburn Hills, Canton, Clarkston, Novi, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, Southfield, and Westland.

Get rid of mold now! If you need mold removed from your home or business, call the water restoration experts of Dry Mark of Michigan immediately. We can be there within the hour! For a FREE ESTIMATE, call (877) 379-6275.

We work with all insurance companies.
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